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At Wax Poetics, we put music in context. Since December 2001, Wax Poetics has filled the once noticeable gap in music journalism—an editorial void between contemporary artists and classic greats. Through meaty, insightful commentary, Wax Poetics educates the masses about the origins of their musical interests. With the changes in the music and media industries in recent times, Wax Poetics has evolved to meet the demands of this volatile market by transitioning from a small quarterly magazine to a well-diversified music media group. What first began as a magazine has now grown into a multi-tiered resource for music aficionados and general listeners alike. Now eight years after its inception, Wax Poetics continues to revolutionize the way we educate ourselves on music.

Wax Poetics Magazine:
Wax Poetics magazine makes the perfect stepping-stone for the endless possibilities of Wax Poetics media outlets. The strength of our name relies on a passion for quality music and the history that contextualizes it.

Wax Poetics Records was formed to bring timeless, handpicked releases to the ears of eager listeners. Our label provides a platform for branded promotional releases and events that will help you reach the tastemaking music community.

Wax Poetics has developed a new, one-of-a-kind digital downloading experience that is as tasteful and refined as the magazine. The Wax Poetics staff has tirelessly perused thousands of catalogs to compile an impressive collection of rare and hard-to-find music.

Wax Poetics Radio is your answer to regular radio humdrum. Put your ear to the speaker and catch Wax Poetics music alongside interviews with the artists themselves.

With the addition of Wax Poetics Films, we present narratives, music, and visuals to an audience yearning for more. Wax Poetics Films explores overshadowed artists and music otherwise ignored by Hollywood and independent documentaries.

Wax Poetics Japan:
Using a combination of original and archival content, Wax Poetics Japan provides our Japanese readers with a new perspective on their favorite musicians. For more information check out waxpoetics.jp.


Chico Mann
Manifest Tone, Vol 1   BUY
Chico Mann
Ya Yo Se (Serato Control Vinyl 12")   BUY
Chico Mann
Analog Drift   BUY


Chico Mann - Beaterator
Chico Mann - Oye, Mira, Cuidado
Chico Mann - Ya Yo Se

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