Kendra Morris – The Realness

artworks 000028834783 amgmj8 original2 Kendra Morris   The RealnessFrom Wax Poetics Magazine: In June 2001, New York City still had a sense of innocence about it, and the music on the radio reflected that. Many of us complained that hip-hop was in its dying state, and R&B seemed long dead. Lyrics were throwaway, and albums were afterthoughts. But sampling started to make a small comeback, and the Mary Jane Girls came back to life with J.Lo and Ja Rule’s “I’m Real” remix. These types of singer/rapper pairings were the rage, and they often became hits (“I’m Real” spent 25 weeks on the charts). The world is much more complicated now, but it’s natural to be nostalgic about a time that was less serious, and more than a decade has given us new context for music we might have once disregarded. And let’s be honest, we love a fun song for the sake of music itself. For the final track of our cover series, Wax Poetics Records artist Kendra Morris and singer Godforbid (of That Handsome Devil) channel that lightheartedness with their version of “I’m Real“, with producer Jeremy Page bringing back mid-90′s NYC beats. Thanks to Vibe for premiering the track.

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