Sam Phillips new album Push Any Button available today.

 Sam Phillips new album Push Any Button available today.Visit your favorite music retailer today or order via Sam’s website and receive bonus tracks, concert updates, and options for custom album-jacket vinyl.

Push Any Button is a well-rounded sonic and emotional experience that hits hard and sticks around long after the last note has faded” – Tim Sendra,

“Phillips never resorts to histrionics as a vocalist, and her songs are stripped of excess. She delivers a line such as “Never could go with the crowd” with dry understatement. It’s as close to a career summation as we’ll get from this brilliant if underappreciated artist. All the more reason to savor “Can’t See Straight,” with its keyboard ornamentation and offbeat glow. “This world is so beautiful,” she sings, “for no reason at all.” – 3.5 out of 4 stars. – Greg Kot, Chicago Tribune

“Phillips sings with a convincing passion” – Steve Morse, The Boston Globe

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