Tift Merritt Limited Edition Vinyl

00881702732 e1452788353238 Tift Merritt Limited Edition VinylBramble Rose, the debut album by Tift Merritt, celebrates its 14 year anniversary with a deluxe re-release on limited edition vinyl, featuring reimagined artwork. Don Henley recalls of its title track, “I’d wanted to record that song ever since I heard it”, before releasing the song on his #1 2015 country album Cass County (featuring guest vocalists Miranda Lambert and Mick Jagger). Available on Feb 19th, click HERE to pre-order.

“There was so much sweetness in that time, something pure in making a first record. We were so excited to be in the studio together, to be in Los Angeles — everything was ahead and everything was happening for the first time. When I think of how all the miles I’ve seen began with this little seed, it gives me a great deal of hope. I could tell you 1,000 tender stories from those days. But maybe that is what those songs are.” – Tift Merritt

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