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Mabel Mercer – Isn’t He Adorable?

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Mabel Mercer was an elegant British lady from Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire, who had sung her way into the rich and fashionable bistro society of London and Paris. Classically trained in voice, she became the darling of the roving geniuses of the restless 1920s. Hemingway, Sartre, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Edith Piaf, Cole Porter, and Gertrude Stein came every night to legendary Bricktop’s and sat at her feet.

Mabel made her New York debut in 1938 and began a club residency that lasted twenty years. Her growing legion of fans and notable influence on Frank Sinatra, Lena Horn, Billie Holiday, and Nat King Cole led to a deal with Atlantic Records in 1956 where she recorded several LPs during the next decade.

It was said Mercer couldn’t be paid to sing a song in which she didn’t believe in and had a knack for picking up top-quality songs that expressed a wide range of emotions, many yet to to be published. She introduced Bart Howard’s “Fly Me to the Moon”, Ted Redding’s “The End of a Love Affair” and many early songs by Cy Coleman including this week’s Top Tune. Composer Alec Wilder called her “the guardian of the tenuous dreams created by writers of songs”.

3293 300x300 Mabel Mercer   Isnt He Adorable?

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Nat “King” Cole – I’m Gonna Laugh You Right Out of My Life

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Following the success of Sinatra’s successful compilation, This Is Sinatra!, Capitol Records followed suit in August of 1957 with a collection of previously released singles from the great Nat “King” Cole.

The lp This is Nat “King” Cole reached #18 on the Billboard album chart and featured the timeless Cy Coleman/Joseph McCarthy ballad, “I’m Gonna Laugh You Out of My Life”. Additional renowned recordings of the song followed by the likes of Sarah Vaughan, Peggy Lee, Johnny Mathis and Nancy Wilson but Nat’s was the first. The arrangement is a classic by Nelson Riddle.

I’m gonna laugh you right out of my life

Make it a beautiful joke

No one will know you broke my heart

But if I find you and I…really meant that last goodbye

Then, I’m gonna laugh so hard I’ll cry.

album comp this is nkc large 300x297 Nat King Cole   Im Gonna Laugh You Right Out of My Life

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Published by Notable Music Co. (ASCAP) Contact: Damon Booth /
Administered by Downtown Music Publishing.
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For Joseph McCarthy: Sony/ATV Tunes LLC (ASCAP).
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