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Blossom Dearie – Sweet Georgie Fame

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Blossom Dearie had a decades-long cult following as a musicians’ musician. Born in the foothills of the Catskill mountains, Dearie moved to NYC in the mid-1940s where she became part of the jazz scene, hanging out with Miles Davis, his arranger Gil Evans, and saxophonist Gerry Mulligan. Blossom moved to Paris in the 1950s where she worked with Annie Ross and her eight-piece vocal group the Blue Stars.

Dearie met impresario Norman Ganz who had become a fan of her girlish voice, unusual choice of material, and jazz-influenced style of singing. Ganz started Verve Records in 1956 and invited her to return to NY. She began her solo career with a half-dozen Verve albums and performed in jazz clubs and her first television appearance on the Tonight Show with Jack Paar.

Another of her favorite cities called her back across the Atlantic where she set up shop in London with famed residencies at Ronnie Scott’s and Annie’s Room. This week’s top tune comes from her 1970 album That’s Just the Way I Want to Be and is notable that for the first time, the focus is on Dearie as a songwriter.

Blossom pays tribute to her favorite British rock singers with “Dusty Springfield”, “Hey John” (Lennon), and “Sweet Georgie Fame”. Fame, a rhythm and blues and jazz singer, had a string of #1 hits in the 1960s plus a version of Bobby Hebb‘s “Sunny” that made #13 in 1966. Georgie continues to perform to this day often working with Van Morrison and Bill Wyman.

BLOSSOM DEARIE THATS+JUST+THE+WAY+I+WANT+TO+BE 511909 300x298 Blossom Dearie   Sweet Georgie Fame

Contact & Licensing Info
Written by Blossom Dearie & Sandra Harris
Published by Notable Music Co. ASCAP
Contact: Damon Booth/
Administered by Downtown Music Publishing
Contact: Sean McGraw/
Master controlled by Universal Music Group.

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Bobby Hebb – I’ll Be Anything For You

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It was Bobby Hebb‘s personal outpouring of grief over his divorce that’s been said to have fueled the beauty, anguish, and wistful hope displayed on his quietly influential 1970 album, Love Games.

“I’ll Be Anything For You” with an incredible arrangement by James Fleming and Dave Roberts, seeks to close that deal. The Love Games album came four years after Bobby Hebb’s monster 8 million selling single multi-format classic, “Sunny”, and a full two years before similar work by Gamble & Huff & The O’Jays. It would provide the template for the direction R&B would take through the late 70′s and early 80′s, music that one keeps for special moods, private times, and most of all, as David Morpheus points out on the original liner notes, for times perhaps when one is not in love at the moment but should be.

0002552724 300x298 Bobby Hebb   Ill Be Anything For You

Contact & Licensing info:

“I’ll Be Anything For You” written by Bobby Hebb and Published by Portable Music Co. Inc. (BMI). Contact: Damon Booth / Administered by Downtown Music Publishing. Contact: Sean McGraw / Master controlled by Sony Music Group.

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