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Tunde Olaniran – “Don’t Cry” ft. Invincible

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This week’s Top Tune features an inspired interpolation of Cy Coleman & Dorothy Fields‘ showtune “Rich Man’s Frug” (from the 1966 Broadway musical, Sweet Charity) into Flint, MI-based artist Tunde Olaniran‘s new genre-busting album, Transgressor!

Born to a Nigerian father and American mother, his highly innovative style gets your mind and body moving. Olaniran had his first break collaborating with Berlin-based producer Phon.o in 2008, eventually touring Europe. He’s been described as a Rapper, a Progressive R&B singer, Social Activist, Punk Rocker, producer, dance artist, musician, choreographer, poet…

He utilizes his vast array of skills within an infinitely enjoyable sonic experience that Pitchfork compares to the best elements of Arcade Fire, Kanye West, Dirty Projectors, and TV on the Radio all in one.

Check out tunes like “Let Me Go”, “KYBM”, “Namesake”, and “Diamonds” and we think you’ll find an artist stretching for the next level in experimental pop music and arriving there. This is easily one of our favorite records of the year!

Available on special edition blue vinyl, digital download and CD HERE.

tunde 005 300x165 Tunde Olaniran   Dont Cry ft. Invincible

Contact & Licensing:
“Don’t Cry” was written by Tunde Olaniran/Babatunde Olaniran (BMI) & Ilana Weaver/Invicilana (ASCAP). Contains an interpolation of “Rich Man’s Frug” written by Cy Coleman & Dorothy Fields.
Published by Notable Music Co. (ASCAP) & Lida Enterprises (ASCAP) / contact: Damon Booth /
Administered by Downtown Music Publishing. / contact: Sean McGraw /
Master controlled by Quite Scientific Records.

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