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Bob Dylan Sings Cy Coleman

dylan john shearer wide bfb46d4dacac0e52eacd363bd5ef40a5aa013d89 s1500 c85 1024x575 Bob Dylan Sings Cy ColemanHappy Release Day! Columbia Records brings you the latest from Bob Dylan, his first triple album. “Because as Frank Sinatra and Chet Baker and countless others knew, the concise songs of the Songbook era are magical self-renewing energy systems. In the space of just 32 measures, less than a minute, they lay out an idea or narrative, develop it, take it into a different tonality for the new perpective, and return home in a way that makes listeners want to take the ride again” – NPR.

Featuring classics by composers Cy Coleman (“The Best is Yet To Come“), Hoagy Carmichael (“Stardust”), Harold Arlen (“Stormy Weather”), Triplicate moves with great reverence and Dylan sings these at close range and at human scale. Read more HERE!

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