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Bobby Hebb – Good Morning World

This week’s Top Tune comes from Bobby Hebb‘s stirring 1970 debut album on Epic Records entitled, Love Games. The man who became internationally famous for writing and singing “Sunny” four years prior, conceptualized a rich and introspective album heralding a new era for R&B.

Hebb had been in show business since he was four years old, touring the Southeast with the Jerry Jackson Review. He stayed with Jackson’s group for fifteen years, working summers and trying his hand at any and all musical instruments, becoming adept with most. In 1951, he played the Grand Ole Opry as a specialty act, billed as “Little Bobby, the Little Man with the Big Spoons”. Hebb also played spoons and other instruments in Roy Acuff’s band, would perform on a TV show hosted by legendary record producer, Owen Bradley, went on to sing backup on Bo Diddley‘s “Diddley Daddy” and even played a West-coast style trumpet in a United States Navy jazz band. All events providing a powerful prelude to Hebb’s writing and recording his all-time classic, “Sunny” in 1966.

Love Games would not enjoy the push that Hebb’s label-mates Sly & the Family Stone would get, but the album paints a moving picture of an artist who was on the forefront of an exquisite brand of soul music that would influence much of the direction R&B would take in the years leading up to Michael Jackson‘s Off the Wall album on Epic nine years later. You can purchase a beautifully remastered version of Love Games HERE.

Bobby 45 Cover 1 300x292 Bobby Hebb   Good Morning World

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