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Chico Mann – Illusión de Ti

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This week’s Top Tune, a sly nod to the genre of freestyle (the underground Latin dance music of the ’80s), never fails to ignite a fire at live performances. “Illusión de Ti” comes from the brilliant 2010 Chico Mann lp Analog Drift from our pals at Wax Poetics Records.

WPR010CD large 300x266 Chico Mann   Illusión de Ti

Born in New York City, Marcos Garcia was immersed in not only the electro beats of New York and Miami, but also the rich musical tradition of Cuba that courses through his veins. Proficient on guitar and keyboards, Garcia found a new groove when he co-founded Brooklyn-based Afrobeat band Antibalas. As Chico Mann, he assembles all of his influences into a tight, fresh fusion. “I’m employing several dialects to make a larger musical statement,” he says. “They’re all branches of the same tree.”

Come down Wed Jan 13th to the Short Stop in Los Angeles to hear him spin some of those influences you’ve never heard before!

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Contact & Licensing info:
Written by Marcos Garcia. Published by Emma Lulu Music/Music In Context LLC (BMI), Contact: Damon Booth – Administered by Downtown Music Publishing. Contact: Sean McGraw / Master controlled by Wax Poetics Records.

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Captain Planet (feat. Chico Mann) – Aguacero

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Captain Planet and Chico Mann have reunited for a slice of chilled-out global bass on this week’s top tune, “Aguacero”. It’s the first track on the new EP, More Slang from Brooklyn-based label, Bastard Jazz which also features a sweet LondonBridge remix of “Un Poquito Mas”.

Captain Planet (Charlie Bethel) began Dj-ing and making beats on a Tascam 4-track in his teens. He became obsessed with vinyl records & began digging for samples which led to a love for Reggae, Latin, and African music. Charlie’s worldwide travels and tireless search for new sounds led to a collaborative friendship with Chico Mann & to his distinctive “Gumbo Funk” style as a producer. Click HERE to grab the EP and 2014′s excellent Esperanto Slang LP.

Speaking of travel, Chico Mann has been scheduled to appear as a featured artist at the historic Manana 2016, to take place May 4-6, 2016 in Santiago de Cuba . Manana is a non-profit music festival connecting Afro-Cuban Folkloric music with the pioneers of the International Electronic music community. Built on the deep love and mutual respect for rhythm, Manana aims to create an environment of free expression and cultural exchange. The festival is a celebration of Cuba’s cultural capital, Santiago de Cuba, and a celebration of community. collaboration, and dance.

Click HERE for a full list of performers, to pledge your support, to get tickets, and travel information for this historic event. See you down there!

a3527984601 10 300x300 Captain Planet (feat. Chico Mann)   Aguacero

Contact & Licensing Info:
Written by Marcos Garcia & Charlie Bethel.
Published by Emma Lulu Music/Music in Context LLC (BMI). Administered by Downtown Music Publishing
Contact: Damon Booth / or Sean McGraw /
Published by Jasstard/Bazz c/o Defend Music (BMI). Master controlled by Bastard Jazz.

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