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That Handsome Devil – Mexico

This week we bring you a favorite tune from one of the newest members of the Notable family, Mr. Jeremy Page. “Mexico” is a track from everybody’s favorite psychedelic-rockabilly-jazz-R&B-blues-surf band, That Handsome Devil. The band was founded in Boston by Godforbid and Page, both prior members of the hip hop group Alaskan Fishermen.

“…They mix it up with some weird jazz-y sounding stuff, and some fun pop music-y stuff and a little bit o’ hip-hop, and then some weirdly fun lyrics.” – Kel Munger, Sound Advice

“Mexico” – written by Page and THD frontman Godforbid – was featured on the critically acclaimed Showtime original series, “Weeds,” as well as appearing on the series’ soundtrack release. The tune is also available on the band’s 2008 release A City Dressed In Dynamite. In addition, That Handsome Devil has had two songs featured on the hugely successful videogame, Rock Band.

The band has just released their latest full-length album, The Heart Goes To Heaven, The Head Goes To Hell, is currently available HERE.

Jeremy is currently in the studio completing production on the upcoming debut release for Kendra Morris (Wax Poetics records).

You can find the lyrics to “Mexico” HERE

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