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Cy Coleman – He’s Stuck in the Chimney Again

While stumbling around in the tape vault the other day we came across this little gem, the original 1966 demo for Cy Coleman‘s “He’s Stuck in the Chimney Again”.

The music is by Coleman (who was riding high at the time with Peggy Lee’s #1 pop hit “Big Spender”, a song from the Broadway production of his hit musical, Sweet Charity) and the lyrics are by Floyd Huddleston. Coleman and Huddleston had enjoyed some chart success with “Sweet Talk” recorded by Damita Jo for Mercury Records the year before. Floyd was born in Leland Mississippi and would get his start writing songs for Glenn Miller‘s band during WWII. His pop compositions would later include “Just For Laughs”, and “You started Something” plus lyrics for songs in several films including The Ballad of Josie and Midnight Cowboy and for Disney: The Aristocats and Robin Hood.

We hope you enjoy. Happy Holidays everyone!

ColemanCover2 300x203 Cy Coleman   Hes Stuck in the Chimney Again

Contact & Licensing:
“He’s Stuck in the Chimney Again” written by Cy Coleman and Floyd Huddleston. Published by Notable Music Co. (ASCAP)/ contact: Damon Booth / Master controlled by Notable Music Co.

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