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Shirley Horn – My How The Time Goes By

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Shirley Valerie Horn was born in Washington D.C. in 1934. Shirley was a preternaturally gifted pianist who became enamored with the famous U Street jazz area of Washington (destroyed in the 1968 riots), slipping into jazz clubs before she was of legal age. Horn would collaborate with many jazz legends including Dizzy Gillespie, Toots Thielemans, Carmen McRae, and Wynton Marsalis to name a few. She was famous for being a devastating ballad singer with a smokey and lush voice and for an amazing ability to accompany herself with incomparable independence on the piano while singing. Arranger Johnny Mandel described her as “like having two heads”. Kitty Grime, in her book Jazz Voices, calls Shirley “the cult performer…A near-legendary figure.”

Horn’s association with Miles Davis lasted for thirty years and notable for his public praise of her musicianship, a rare occurrence coming from Davis especially as early as the 1950s and 1960s. Horn would record for Mercury and Impulse and was popular with critics but did not achieve mainstream success, stating “I will not stoop to conquer”. How beautiful a notion!

Recorded during an all night 1987 session in the dining room of a good friend’s 18th Century farm house in Glenn Dale, Maryland, this week’s top tune is one she would often perform live. A bluesy rendition of Cy Coleman/Carolyn Leigh’s “My How The Time Goes By” also recorded by Bill Henderson, one of Shirley’s favorite male singers in 1961.

413w0Nj6IdL 300x300 Shirley Horn   My How The Time Goes By

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Patti Page – My How The Time Goes By

The best-selling female singer of the 1950′s, Patti Page thrived in the post-WWII pop styles of Traditional Pop, Vocal Pop, Country Pop, Nashville, and our favorite category, Countrypolitan. Born in Muskogee, OK, Patti toured the country in the late ’40′s with a band led by Jimmy Joy that ended up in Chicago where she sang in a small combo setting with Benny Goodman and landed a recording contract with Mercury in 1947.

This weeks Top Tune features Patti’s rendition in 1957 of the playful Cy Coleman & Carolyn Leigh tune, “My How The Time Goes By”. Check out the smokier live version by the great Shirly Horn HERE.

And meanwhile the moon gets yellower
And meanwhile the mood gets mellower
But by now, I should be leaving you
But somehow there ain’t no leaving you
Why? there’s that look in your eye
So I sit here and sigh, my how the time goes by

MyHowTheTimeGoesBy1 231x300 Patti Page   My How The Time Goes By


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