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Sam Phillips- World on Sticks

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Bring the distance closer
I can take the space
I see time all at once when I look at the face
of our world on sticks
so brave, so small
I’m ready for the works so let’s have it all

“World on Sticks” was recorded in an old Charlie Chaplin-era bungalow near downtown Los Angeles during sessions for a new Sam Phillips album slated to be released later this year. This beauty of a song is the lead-off track on a mini-album to help keep us happy in the meantime very aptly titled Human Contact is Never Easy. The set was produced by Sam and mastered by Grammy winner Mike Piersante (Raising Sand, Oh Brother Where Art Thou). The tune is driven by percussion from longtime collaborator and drummer Jay Bellerose (also a co-writer on this tune), with Jennifer Condos on bass. On her lyrics Sam says “I was thinking about humans and how brave they can be under the most impossible circumstances. Our civilization feels fragile right now, like we are on the high wire without a net.”

Netflix debuted all four 90-minute episodes of the Gilmore Girls revival: A Year in the Life at 12:01AM November 26th to huge success! The revival features Sam’s signature La la’s and a now famous climatic dance featuring “Reflecting Light” among other treats. Read how Sam tackled the score and shaped the sound of Stars Hollow HERE.

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“World on Sticks” Lyrics by Sam Phillips. Music by Sam Phillips and Jay Bellerose.
Published by: Eden Bridge Music (ASCAP) administered by Some Kind of Music, a Notable Music company and Downtown Music Publishing
Contact: Damon Booth /
Sean McGraw /
Published by: Busterboy Music (ASCAP) administered by Words & Music, a division of Big Deal Music LLC.
Contact: Jennifer Falco /

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Sam Phillips – Troubles Won’t Stay

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New music from Sam Phillips is 100% just-what-the-doctor ordered about now! We’re so excited to bring you “Troubles Won’t Stay” as this week’s top tune from Sam’s new eight song mini-album Human Contact Is Never Easy.

With Phillips stalwarts Jay Bellerose on drums, Jennifer Condos on bass, Eric Gorfain on guitar, keys, string arrangements, violin, and Richard Dodd on cello, Sam tackles themes of hope, love, and faith in a way that leaves us with a healthy dose of all three. The collection comprises four brand new songs produced by Sam, two never-before-released live versions of “Reflecting Light” and “If I Could Write” from the upcoming concert film, Live at Largo at the Coronet and two favorites from Push Any Button.

Sam sat down with Vox recently to discuss her busy year composing the score for the massive upcoming Gilmore Girls revival, A Year In the Life. Four new 90 minute episodes of the iconic show will premiere on Netflix just after Midnight this Friday November 25th!

Phillips maintains that “putting music to picture, when done right, is one of the more powerful mediums. Because you have writing, acting, visuals, and music all supporting each other. And the role of art” she says, “is to move us, to inspire us, and to mean something”. Legions of “La-La’s” fans all over the world tuning in to Netflix at 12:01AM on Friday will be attesting to that!

Sam Phillips Human Contact Is Never Easy cover art 300x300 Sam Phillips   Troubles Wont Stay

Contact & Licensing info:
Sam Phillips is published by Eden Bridge Music/Some Kind Of Music, LLC (ASCAP) contact: Damon Booth – Administered by Downtown Music Publishing – contact: Sean McGraw Master controlled by Sam Phillips.

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