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Week of September 14, 2011
chico mann

Chico Mann - Anima

Encourages the World
Inspire the World
Illuminates the Four Corners
Heaven and Earth
Da Light Darkness
Heaven and Earth

“Anima,” a term that in Spanish means ‘encouragement’… and this song is full of good vibrations.

A multi-instrumentalist, Chico Mann has honed his craft of blending the sounds of electro, African beats and New Jersey street free styling. Influential LA station KCRW has been a huge supporter, Chico was recently the stations most played artist for a staggering six weeks!

Recently Chico had the honor of performing alongside of one of his largest influences, the legendary Afrika Bambaataa, at an event hosted by Wax Poetics. HERE is a link to video coverage of the event.

Los Angeles residents – make sure to catch Chico Mann in an upcoming performance at the Filter Magazine Culture Collide Festival in early October! For more information, click right over HERE.

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