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Week of May 11, 2011

The Bonebrake Syncopators feat. DJ Bonebrake - Playboy's Theme

in 1959 Hugh Hefner made his first foray into television, debuting “Playboy’s Penthouse” – a informal variety show which was set in a “house party” atmosphere. Hef needed to set the tone for this jazzy affair, so he went to his pal Cy Coleman and tapped him to write a theme song for the show. “Playboy’s Theme” would go on to become one of the generation’s defining instrumentals and Cy’s biggest hit as a performer. It has lived a huge life beyond that TV show (and it’s late 60s/early 70s spin-off, “Playboy After Dark”), and has gone on to define “bachelor pad cool.”

DJ Bonebrake, he of the legendary LA punk band X, recently recorded a number of Cy tunes for an upcoming EP release with his band the Bonebrake Syncopators. DJ and the band – Wally Hersom, Jonathan Stout, Dave Stuckey and Jeremy Wakefield – have reinvented the compositions in a way that we know would make Cy proud. Here’s a sneak preview… dig the Syncopators’ “Playboy’s Theme.”

Here is a link to hear Cy’s original recording of “Playboy’s Theme”

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  1. Sharon says:

    Cool and jazzy, very nice! And I don’t recall ever hearing the theme before, but then I didn’t follow Hefner nor the bachelor scene…..LOL.

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