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Week of February 16, 2011

Sam Phillips - When I'm A Camera

This past week Sam Phillips released the final phase of her ambitious year-long Long Play project – the stunning full-legnth album Cameras in the Sky. The Long Play – a music and art installation on the web which provided members five EPs and a full-legnth album (along with a smattering of bonus tracks and other exclusive content) – was universally hailed by the press and embraced by fans. The digital release of Cameras in the Sky concludes this wonderful project… ”Phillips has thrown open a virtual door to her creative world,” wrote the LA Times, “inviting in fans over the course of a year to watch and participate as she writes and records a new album.” For the time being, The Long Play will remain open for business – allowing any new subscribers full access to all the content created during the past year.

We are especially proud to present to you one of our personal favorites from the new record, “When I’m a Camera”… we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

COMING LATER THIS YEAR: Sam is finishing Pretty Time Bomb, a conventionally (digital and physical formats) released second album of all-new material. Sam fans rejoice! We will most likely never see this much material released in such a short time span again! We’re very, very happy.

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  1. J A Jordan says:

    That’s pretty exciting as a recording and distribution concept. And Sam delivers the great sounds to boot.

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