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Week of December 7, 2011

That Handsome Devil - Adapt

Followed by a cult of fans and critics alike, That Handsome Devil comes parading back to town with a dramatic celebration of the macabre: ‘The Heart Goes to Heaven, The Head Goes to Hell.’ Barreling from guitar funk swagger to unhinged howling; bemoaning croons of love and loss, black magic and whiskey, THD drag you down the rabbit hole with exhilarating highs and heart-wrenching lows. Only in the end do you finally catch your breath, just in time to play it all over again.

That Handsome Devil, everybody’s favorite psychedelic-rockabilly-jazz-R&B-blues-surf band, resurfaces at the Notable Top Tune stable with “Adapt” – a track from their latest, The Heart Goes To Heaven, The Head Goes To Hell. The band, which features Notable’s Jeremy Page, frontman Godforbid, and some of the east coast’s finest young players, have spent 2011 touring and recording this latest release – which has met with great acclaim from fans and press alike.

The discerning ear will recognize the music of THD from some prominent videogame placements (RockBand, etc) as well as a memorable use of their tune “Mexico” on Showtime’s original hit series “Weeds” (and on it’s accompanying soundtrack cd).

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Jeremy Page published by Modern Savage (BMI) / Administered by Music In Context LLC, A Notable Music Co.
Godforbid published by Glum Merrymaker (BMI)
Master controlled by Notable Music Co., contact:,

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