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Week of January 10, 2011
Aja and Aja West Action Figure

The Mackrosoft - Dunst

Today’s Top Tune comes via Notable’s joint venture with the amazing Wax Poetics

Multi-instrumentalist/producer Aja West bunkered down in a dark, dusty dive in the Pacific Northwest to cook up this chunk of biker funk. Calling together friends like keyboardist Money Mark (Beastie Boys) and other sons of anarchy, Aja’s Mackrosoft unit forged his latest album of psychedelic jazz stories, S.E.M.E. (Self-Evolving Mechanized Elves), available on his own Mackrosoft label.

“Dunst” just scratches the surface on the genius of Aja West, who will reveal many more faces in future editions of Top Tunes. For now, explore for yourself at

Check out the video for “Dunst” HERE

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