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Week of April 24, 2013

Rosanne Cash, Elvis Costello, Kris Kristofferson - April 5th

You want love
But it’s never deep enough
You want life
But it’s never long enough
You want peace
Like it’s something you can buy
You want time
But you’re content to watch it fly

Halfway through the recording of her mighty 2006 album Black Cadillac, Rosanne Cash had written down some lyrics and tinkered with the beginnings of what would become this weeks’ Top Tune. Over time, she and her co-writer/producer-husband John (Leventhal) would streamline it both musically and lyrically. One day they got the spark to invite two special friends to contribute verse’s of their own. One (Kris) who Cash had known since childhood and one (Elvis) with whom she had recently co-written “Song With Rose” for his album, Momofuku.

Rosanne’s first verse beautifully set the tone and then the baton was masterfully handed off to Elvis and then to Kris. When they all finally found eight hours in a studio together, magic flowed. You can watch a great live performance of the song HERE.

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Rosanne Cash published by Chelcait Music (BMI), administered by Measurable Music LLC, A Notable Music Co. Contact: Damon Booth / John Leventhal published by Lev-A-Tunes (ASCAP), Elvis Costello published by Universal Music Publishing (PRS), Kris Kristofferson published by Jody Ray Publishing Co. (BMI).


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