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Week of February 20, 2013

Tift Merritt - Drifted Apart

You are child when love is born,
Can’t stay a child for long.
Maybe the good times are up ahead,
Maybe those times are gone.
Same things keeping us together
Are the very ones making it hard.
Better take a look around,
Baby, we’re drifting apart.

Tift Merritt is joined by Andrew Bird on backing vocals and violin on this week’s top tune, the stirring “Drifted Apart” from her recent lp, Traveling Alone.
It’s hard to pick just one song from this album to spotlight, the whole album which was recorded in just eight days in Brooklyn with producer Tucker Martine is a wholly beautiful work. The album released this past October on Yep Roc, is a searching, evolving and ascending collection of poetry through song. Check out this great stripped down acoustic video of the song HERE.

tift merritt wide 4267ab72b9df1723da6409ba6525cac340e5aea0 300x168 Tift Merritt   Drifted Apart
Contact & Licensing:
“Drifted Apart” written by Tift Merritt. Published by Train Penny Publishing (BMI) administered by Measurable Music LLC, a Notable Music Co. / contact: Damon Booth / Master controlled by Yep Roc Records / contact: Ryan Dimock /


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