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Week of January 13, 2016

Alice Clark - Charms of the Arms of Love

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Alice Clark‘s self-titled 1972 debut album is frequently dubbed “the Holy Grail of modern soul”… a brilliant work that quickly faded into criminal obscurity and remained out of print for years. Clark – whose whereabouts following these recordings seem to be shrouded in a bit of mystery – only recorded three sessions that produced two singles and the one album. The disc - highly prized among hardcore R&B enthusiasts – is an amazing soul collection that matches Clark’s distinctive powerhouse voice with impeccable song selection (her reading of Jimmy Webb’s “I Keep It Hid” is required listening).

Recently this masterpiece has been lovingly re-released on vinyl, cd and digitally, and is finding her a much-deserved international cult audience. Bobby Hebb had three of his tunes cut on this disc, including “Charms Of The Arms Of Love” which opens side 2, and is undeniably one of the musical centerpieces of the project. The album has often been compared to the best work of such diverse legends as Gil Scott-Heron, Janis Joplin, Billie Holliday, and Donny Hathaway. “The best R&B you’ve probably never heard,” hails one critic – we couldn’t agree more. Dig yourself some Alice Clark!

ac mainstream 19721 298x300 Alice Clark   Charms of the Arms of Love

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