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Week of August 30, 2017

Skating Polly - Hail Mary

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This week’s top tune was the first song the band along with Louise Post & Nina Gordon of Veruca Salt wrote for their brilliant new ep New Trick. NPR calls their horror-chic video ‘vaguely haunted, quite uncanny and good, creepy fun’. The band says the tune is “about being addicted to poisonous people. We wanted the one of the video to be somewhat serious, but not self-serious”.

It’s been said, and we whole-heartedly agree, that what the world needs now is another great rock and roll band.
Step sisters Kelli, Peyton, and brother Kurtis, are composers and they are performers, this is true. But perhaps most importantly, they are cultural reflections unto not only themselves, but to society. The members of the band have been pursuing their private destinies within the confines of the pop music jungle. As is so rarely the case, the whole of Skating Polly is much greater than the sum of its parts and the newly formed amalgam threatens to undermine the foundations of the rock power elite. Godspeed young Polly, godspeed.

Fresh off a triumphant UK tour supporting Kate Nash, the Polly return to the States supporting punk legends X’s 40th Anniversary Tour starting Sept 6th in Las Vegas including a slot at Chicago’s Riot Fest 2017 on Sept 15th!

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“Hail Mary” was written by Kelli Mayo, Peyton Bighorse, Louise Post, and Nina Gordon. Skating Polly is published by Go Polly Girl Songs (ASCAP) and Melting By 40 Music (ASCAP)/Some Kind of Music LLC, a Notable Music Co. / contact: Damon Booth / Administered by Downtown Music Publishing. / contact: Sean McGraw /
Louise Post and Nina Gordon are published by Big Deal Notes/Are You There God It’s Me Music (ASCAP). Administered by Words & Music, a division of Big Deal Music LLC.
Master controlled by El Camino Media.


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